Treat Your Feet Right with LUNA Sandals


My dad is quite the health enthusiast (to say the least). If you ask him about anything from nutritional supplements to posture, you’ll soon see he’s done his research… a lot of research. I guess you could say ongoing research – there’s always something new he’s researching, learning, and passing on to my brother and I.

My dad’s latest endeavor has been building an arch in his feet. Both he and I were born with ill-fated and encompassing pronation… A.K.A. very, very, very flat feet. After a lot of research, my dad has discovered ways to “work” his feet to create an arch with the muscles rather than wearing orthodics or insoles that essentially just mask the problem. To work his feet, he began wearing shoes with “zero-drop” (flat shoes with no arch and no support). This allowed him to be able to feel how his feet were mechanizing and now he really has built his arches up using his own derived methods!

The LUNA Tech Strap attaches to the sandal with velcro for added stability and keeps your ankle secure while walking.

After 16 years of competitive figure skating, I don’t have the prettiest feet in the book (as you can probably tell from these pictures I was reluctant to post!), With all those years of squeezing in to skates too small or too big , I need all the help that I can get. Of course… it wasn’t too long before my little brother and I jumped on the bandwagon with my dad’s notion of zero-drop shoes. After a few trial and errors, we found LUNA Sandals, a small company with big ideas based in Seattle, Washington. These amazing sandals are handcrafted, and made to replicate the way of the cavemen – mainly “bare-foot walking” and hurache sandals.

I have to say, these sandals are beyond comfortable! I am wearing the LUNA Mono (MGT) with tech straps. They begin to mold to your feet and really do feel like your walking bare foot! (or on Cloud 9 – whichever you prefer). Besides being the most comfortable shoes I now own, I love how they look! A combination of boho hippie meets health guru meets chic flats. Count me in! I just can’t get enough of how stylish these are!

The best part about this particular fashion statement is that these sandals are actually GOOD for your feet and body. They allow you to feel how you’re walking, work on building your foot muscles (like I’m trying to do at the moment), and do it all in comfort.

comfort and style

If you’re not in the area, don’t worry – they ship worldwide and even have an online chart to check your size!  

They always say, your feet are the foundation of the body! Treat your feet right with LUNA Sandals.